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Physical Address Verification

Physical visits are made to confirm current, permanent and previous residential addresses of the subject. Details are carried out with the address verification such as name of met person, Relation with subject, duration of stay, Residence status, house colour, gate colour, date of visit, time of visit etc. Verification of address is also carried out with the neighbours in order to confirm the correct details of the person whose address verification is conducted.

Written & Verbal Criminal Verification

During our investigation process, we enquire from the Police Authorities whether the Candidate was involved in any criminal offence or whether anything adverse has been reported about him/her or not. After checking the Candidate's records in the Database, the authorities provide us a written confirmation stating that "No Criminal Records are registered against the Candidate". If the Candidate commits any Crime / is involved in any offense then the same will be mentioned in the written confirmation.

Written & Verbal Education Verification

Subject’s Educational Institute is approached to verify Degrees, Qualifications and other claims regarding education. This would be a physical verification only at University verbal and written both depend on client requirement and university permission.

Employment Verification

The practice of verifying the employment eligibility and past work history of current or potential employees. Employers often verify employees prior to hiring or promoting them, to ensure that the employee's employment history, education, and other details match the information provided by the employee.
We Present the Past of your Future employees

Database Check

Fox I Vision has access to Indian and international databases. We check these to verify if candidates are connected to organized crime or present legal, reputation and compliance risks.

Physical Company Site-Visit

We send our Associates to the given company address to confirm the veracity of that address and a written confirmation will be provided to the client that company is exist or not (Can be discreet/Nondescript depending on the nature of the case).

Discreet-Check Verification

We send our Associates to the Neighbor’s residence and they discreetly confirm the veracity of that address.

Court check verification

We initiate our proceedings from the lowest rung of the court to Magistrate court, sessions court, civil court and high court to find out the jurisdictional courts records that criminal or civil cases instituted against the subject or not.

Hospital Verification

We send our Associates to the given hospital address to confirm the veracity of hospital on that address.

National ID Verification

Fox I Vision checks and validates the identity of prospective candidates.

Medical Insurance check

Fox I Vision checks medical insurance verification.

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